At Spectra Online we take a holistic approach to your business and its online presence.
We see the big picture and ensure that your business is optimised online in order to connect the dots.
Building beautiful and functional pathways for your target market to reach you as their first point of call.

At Spectra Online, our approach is guided by research. We place great importance on conducting thorough target market research to establish a solid foundation for our strategies. By gaining an understanding of the demographics, psychographics, and preferences of our audience, we make informed decisions and customise our online strategies to effectively engage and connect with them. This research-driven approach ensures that our online initiatives are adaptable to market dynamics, aligned with our business objectives, and ultimately maximise our potential for success in the digital realm.

At Spectra Online, we believe in the power of creativity. We understand that visual elements play a significant role in communicating your brand effectively. That’s why we focus on crafting visually captivating designs that speak volumes about your brand. By using our creative expertise, we ensure that the visual representation of your brand aligns with its essence and values. Whether it’s through stunning graphics, eye-catching images, or engaging multimedia, we aim to create a visual presence that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

At Spectra Online, we are driven by results. We understand the importance of tracking, monitoring, and reporting on the performance of your online initiatives. By closely analysing data and key metrics, we gain valuable insights that allow us to optimise your strategies for a positive return on investment (ROI). We continuously monitor the effectiveness of our efforts and make necessary tweaks to ensure that your online presence is generating the desired outcomes. Our results-oriented approach ensures that your business achieves measurable success in the digital realm and maximises the ROI on your online investments.

At Spectra Online, we excel at finding and capturing your target market’s attention. We understand the importance of driving relevant traffic to your website and engaging with potential customers. Our expertise lies in implementing strategies to attract your desired audience and compelling them to take action. Through effective lead generation techniques, we not only drive traffic to your site but also capture their details, allowing you to build meaningful connections and nurture them into loyal customers. Our focus is on helping you find, drive, and catch the attention of your target market, maximising your online presence and business growth.


We host, design & develop beautiful
Wordpress based websites.

We train you or your team to use them and offer maintenance packages.
We have solutions for all functionality & features
you might need.

(Search Engine Optimisation)

We are all about Search Engine Optimisation, We create and optimise SEO loaded websites that Google Bots really take a shine to.
offer SEO audits and retrospective
SEO upgrade packages.


We offer the full package graphic design for web and print, we’ve got a team of designers who can take care of the web elements, logo design, business card, brochures, banners, flyers, billboards, product packaging design, vehicle and building signage.


We are Online Business Pathway Builders – forging a path for your followers, community & target market to reach your business as their first point-of-call. We create Facebook & Instagram Campaigns, Google Ads & YouTube Advertising.

We are a multi-talented
Digital Agency
committed to your business
finding its online presence